Mission Statement

Offering hope and healing to communities


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Core Value

Community safety is founded on the recognition that every person is of equal worth.


  • To enact the goals and principles of Restorative Justice in relation to victims, offenders and community
  • To accompany men and women from incarceration to successful reintegration in the community by facilitating emotional, spiritual and practical support systems during their transition
  • To assist those who are at risk of engaging in criminal activity to find constructive and life affirming community resources
  • To dialogue with community groups to further their understanding of and response to the needs of offenders, victims and their families

Facts to Consider

In 2011-2012 Kingston Community Chaplaincy

  • Made 186 new contacts
  • Maintained contact with 1,183 individuals
  • Interacted with 1,165 groups
  • Trained 6 new volunteers
  • Logged 509 person hours of volunteer services
  • Was involved in the following areas of ministry: Spirituality, Emotions, Housing, Medical/Mental Health, Addictions, Practical, Identification, Employment, Education and Socialization

Restorative Justice

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