Our Chaplain Kara Braun

“I come to the work of professional chaplaincy with a passion for thinking about the ways in which we share ourselves in the world – considering the ways in which communities are built upon relationships of understanding and what it means to support ourselves and each other in the journey of becoming. A lifelong student, I am presently interested in the everyday role of empathy and the work of being our most authentic and vulnerable selves. I consider myself an educator at heart and have worked for over 15 years with children, youth and adults in a variety of contexts throughout Kingston, including schools, hospitals and other community based organizations.

My academic preparation for chaplaincy has included a Master of Theological Studies with a specialty in multifaith spiritual and religious care; I have completed three, 400-hour units of Clinical Pastoral Education with the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care and will do one more unit to become certified and registered with the new Ontario College of Registered Psychotherapists.

Spiritually, my practice is strongly rooted in mindfulness and a deep regard for the ways in which we as humans seek to connect with each other, with ourselves and with the divine – all in different ways and at different times, often in conjunction with the unexpectedness of life unfolding.

It is my pleasure to be serving as the Chaplain for Kingston Community Chaplaincy at this time. The men that I have had the opportunity to work with thus far are an ever-inspiring example of our capacity for self-understanding, compassion, resilience, love and hope – I am truly honoured and grateful for the courage and trust they share with me.”

Our Board of Directors

  • Gordon Darrall, Chair –  first entered prison as a lay chaplain with the Kingston Unitarian Fellowship to officiate at weddings.   He is now a volunteer member of the book clubs at Pittsburgh and Millhaven Institutions.  This is his third year on the Board of Directors for Kingston Community Chaplaincy and his first year as chairperson.
  • Patrick Callaghan -worked as an Institution Chaplain in a medium federal institution for eight years.  Upon retirement he continued to offer support and counselling to individual offenders as a volunteer for Kingston Community Chaplaincy.  He is presently serving as a member of the Board of Directors with responsibility for fundraising.
  • Kate Johnson, Ex officio member, Queen’s University – serves on the KCC board as an expression of her lifetime commutment toRestorative Justice. After earning her BA and BSW with a focus on criminal issues, she obtained a Msters of Divinity in Restorative Justice at Queen’s. A chaplain at Pittsburgh Institution for five years, she introduced a victim empathy program to Correction Service Canda. In 2013 she was appointed chaplain to Queen’s University.
  • Madelyn Iler, OCT – received leadership training for AVP (Alternatives to Violence Project) at Kingston Pen in the 1990’s and then enjoyed being an AVP workshop facilitator at KP and other local federal institutions.  After obtaining her B.Ed. from Queen’s University, she taught literacy, art and English in the federal prison system for thirteen years
  • Brian Hetherington – is an ESL teacher, writer and storyteller with a long experience of serving on non-profit boards, particularly with social justice and poverty organizations.  He is currently Treasurer of Kingston Community Chaplaincy and is Development (Fundraising) Officer for Storytellers of Canada / Conteurs du Canada. 
  • Beverley Hummitzsch – a retired businesswoman, joined the Board in 2013 as Chair of the Communications Committee. She is a long time volunteer in community service organizations. A certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, she has been teaching yoga and meditation at Pittsburgh Institution since 2009.
  • Scott Woodall – a retired educator who has worked on poverty and homelessness issues for many years. His involvement with the Kingston Community Chaplaincy is an extension of his long-term involvement with visiting and supporting Federal inmates.
  • Rev. Wayne Soble – an ex-officio member of our Board and the minister of Edith Rankin Memorial United Church.
  • Karen Raddon – has facilitated Alternatives to Violence Project workshops both inside and outside neighbouring institutions since 2008. Her MA was a collaborative project with former prisoners on philosophies of ethics and prison rehabilitation. Her PhD will address opportunities for former prisoners to pursue research about the prison system. Karen is an editorial board member for the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons.