How will your efforts create a safer community for me and my family?

The more support an ex-offender has in the community, the less likely he/she is to re-offend. Our support reduces the possibility of re-offending.

Have we ever had an inmate refuse our services?

No, because the onus is on them to make contact with us well before their release. They are provided with various options for assistance in planning their release by their Parole Officer and have access to our literature and our Chaplain at that time.

How many clients does the chaplain currently work with?

In the community, the Chaplain is in close contact (daily to monthly) with about 6 to 8 individuals. She also sees clients at institutions. At the present time, she visits 10 to 12 clients at 2 different institutions.


Has any inmate ever refused the chaplain’s services?

The Chaplain doesn’t actively solicit clients; she typically makes connections with clients when institutional chaplains refer them to her. So someone whom the chaplain has referred may decline the offer, but she would probably not know about it. However she has noted that anyone awaiting release or who has been released has welcomed the support when it was offered.